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March 16, 2009

Fixing the out of sync audio of FLV flash video with Avidemux

Some times downloaded flash video FLV files have audio and video out of sync. Watching the video you may notice audio slowly getting out of sync with the video. If you encounter such a problem, following is a fix encoding the video for Nokia N95 (N96), using Avidemux video editor.

Open FLV video file with Avidemux and chose suitable video, audio and format options for watching on N95. Then open File > Propeties of input file. You should notice a different Total Duration values of video and audio, that is the reason of out of sync, e.g.:

To fix the problem open Video > Frame Rate and change the rate value to the lower (or higher).

Then chose Output on the drop down menu and check if it’s video and audio properties Total Duration values became close to each other. Repeat changing of frame rate of input video to reach the cloasest output video and audio total duration values.

Test the output video playing it in a few different points to make sure the out of sync fixed.

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