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December 01, 2008

Converting videos for watching on the mobile phone

Nokia N95 owners might be interested in tips on converting video clips or movies for watching on the mobile phone or through the phone's TV OUT plug on TV set. It is possible to watch video on other S60 phone models too, where the RealPlayer is preinstalled. The RealPlayer is not the only program to watch videos, there are other software video players too, which can be installed on the phone separately, such as DivX player or MobiTubia. Usually software players are compatible with one or few video formats, such as AVI, FLV, 3GP or MP4. I prefer phone's native program RealPlayer so no additional installation is required. To watch the regular video on the phone we need to convert it to the format suitable for the software player we have.

Here are the detailed instructions on converting videos to MP4 file using PC program Avidemux (Windows) for watching on the Nokia N95 native RealPlayer.

After installing Avidemux free video editor start it and open the video file:

Phone's RealPlayer supports MP4 video files so we need to adjust the settings of resulting converted video to meet the phone's screen resolution and video encoder configuration. N95 screen resolution is 320x240 so we can use Avidemux menu Auto item "IPOD 320*240" to adjust resulting video file settings automatically:

After adjusting the file settings video encoder should turn to "MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid4)", audio encoder to "AAC (FAAC)" and file format to "MP4". You may check the video and audio configurations:

To begin the conversion process you need to press "Save" button, chose the folder for the resulting file and encoding will start. The encoding process may take a long time, depending on source file size. After the pop-up "Done" message the .mp4 file is ready to transfer to the phone for watching the video:

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