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August 20, 2006

Speeding up the handset

Speeding up the multimedia menu. On the Nokia N95 handset the multimedia menu provides quick access to multimedia content (pressing the phone's multimedia key). However this menu has some options that are quite useless every time you open it. You may disable them in the Options to speed up the multimedia menu a bit: in the Background images chose Graphics > Themes, turn off the Image effects, Menu sounds, and Start-up animation. (Worked on Nokia N95)

Speeding up using To-do trick. In the Internet one may find a strange procedure to speed up Symbian S60 handset, that is hard to explain, but really working for some Nokia mobile phones. To make sure one can do the following:
- find in the Menu and go to To-do List.
- in the Options make a New to-do note typing in the Subject: Speed, Due date (mm-dd-yyyy): 01-29-2005, Priority: High.
- press Done.
- make a second New to-do note with the Subject: Qoukie, Due date: 01-29-2005, Priority: Low.
- press Done.
- highlight in the list the note Speed (don't open it) and in the Options Mark it as Done.
- then highlight the note Qoukie and Mark as Done.
- reboot the handset switching off the Power and then switching on again.

You should notice the increased handset booting speed, quicker opening Menus and probably other things happening in the phone more rapidly. (Worked on Nokia 3230, 6600, 6670, 6680, 7610, N70)

Customizing Menu and folders. You can benefit from arranging a main Menu and sub folders in 3 on 3 items grid per folder, moving seldom used applications to sub folders that are deeper in the Menu. That should speed up the opening of Menu and it's sub folders. The moving of Menu items you can find in the Options. (Worked on Nokia 6600, N70)

Shortening Log registry of calls. If you set the Log duration in the Log registry Settings to 10 or 1 day, it should speed up a handset response since more free internal memory will be available for the phone operations. The more Log duration days are set, the more phone's RAM memory is consumed and response slowed. (Worked on Nokia 6600)

Themes. The default themes do not use extra RAM memory like themes installed additionally, so it is better to choose them, if you like a quicker handset response. (Worked on Nokia 6600, N70)

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  • i don find my n70 any faster by using ur methods...i trid it on 2 n70's...doesn work wit any of them..

    By Blogger Dheeraj, at 12:21 PM  

  • Wahey. Awesome work. Glad I stumbled upon this little trick. Thanks for enlightening!

    By Anonymous Tom., at 8:13 AM  

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