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August 20, 2006

Copying and pasting

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Copying and pasting. Frequently we need to copy and paste numbers or some peace of text from one place to another on the mobile phone, like we do it on PC. Its easy to do it using a Pencil key. You may copy and paste in and between various applications: "Messaging", "Contacts", "Notes", "To Do list", WAP and Web browser or other installed application on the phone.

To copy text to the clipboard you need to select it by pressing and holding down a Pencil key when scrolling a cursor with the navigation control button. While a Pencil key is depressed a "Copy" option appears over the Left Selection button. Do not release a Pencil key and press the "Copy" Selection button. It copies the selected peace to the clipboard. Now you may paste it where ever you need using a Pencil key again. Go to the place you need to insert a number or text from the clipboard and press a Pencil key. A "Paste" option appears over the Right Selection button. Press it while holding down a Pencil and your text will be inserted under the cursor from the clipboard. (Worked on Nokia 6600, 6680, N70, N73, N80)

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  • Would love if there was an easier way to paste contact info. I always have a need to paste contact info in the body of a text message and have to go into contacts, highlight the field, copy it, go back to my text message, and paste it. I wish there was a way to just paste contact info while composing a text message.

    By Blogger srizvi1, at 11:01 PM  

  • To enter the contact information in to the body of text message you may also use the following:

    1. While on the "To" field of the new message press the center navigation button (it brings you to the Contacts list) and select the contact which info you need in the message body. If it is a phone number, you will be able to see it and just re-enter it in the body.

    2. If the contact needed was a name, you may look at its number (or other detail) using Options > Message details, instead of fiddling between the Message and Contacts applications.

    3. When you re-entered the detail in the body, select and delete the contact from "To" field before sending the message to the actual recipient.

    By Blogger Curious, at 4:10 PM  

  • hmm... when I start a new text message, and I move to the body and hit the center button, I can only add a recipient.

    What is helpful is if I am in the middle of sending a text message and need to insert a contact's number. I can hit the the applications button and select Contacts (or go to standby and select Contacts). Then, from within the Contacts application, I can select a contact, and select the number and choose to use the number by editing it or copying it. Then I can go back to messaging and paste the number.

    But you can't do this with emails or any other info (Bday, address, anniversary, etc.)

    By Blogger srizvi1, at 12:14 AM  

  • A small correction: when you start a new text message, hit the center button while in the To field instead of moving to the body. Then you will be able to bring the number or name from the Contacts and copy it.

    By Blogger Curious, at 4:02 PM  

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